Next Flight Out / 24-7

Next Flight Out / 24-7

First Flight, Dedicated Hand Carry, Charter Flights and Air Freight.  We're with you 24-7 to ensure your shipment arrives on time.

First Flight

Speedlink  partners with commercial and private air carriers across the globe to serve more than 190 countries and territories. We do more than just put your shipment on the next available flight: whether scheduled or immediate response, our agents and proprietary software utilize  (balancing the need for speed, carrier performance, weather en route, schedule reliability, security and ensuring product financial and physical viability), placing your shipments on the commercial or private airline partner that exceeds your expectations.

Dedicated Hand Carry

Speedlink  Dedicated Hand Carry (on-board courier) service offers the utmost security and accountability of your shipments. From pick-up to final delivery, a dedicated courier carries your shipment onto a commercial airline as carry-on luggage, maintaining full personal control and custody of your product. Speedlink couriers are expertly trained and screened to ensure proper handling of sensitive material. Speedlink Dedicated Hand Carry service offers the best balance of speed, security and cost. 


Speedlink  Charter Services operates a dedicated in-house Air Charter division exclusively serving the customers of Speedlink By working directly with aircraft owners and charter companies,  cargo charter flights of any size, can be arranged anywhere in the world. Whether chartering a single engine aircraft for a small critical package, or a Boeing 747 flying a replacement jet engine across the globe, the Speedlink Charter Services team is capable of quickly providing specialized and customized solutions to meet any unique transportation challenge.

Air Freight

Whether the need is a door to door, door to airport, airport to door, or airport to airport service we can provide them all.
With access to all the worldwide airline carriers, or their appointed GSA's (General Sales Agents), we are able to book and purchase space on all cargo carrying flights worldwide. Depending on the consignment characteristics and the origin and destination locations of the cargo we source the available carrier options, their flight schedules, and their current cargo pricing including any assessorial charges.

Our complete Air Freight service includes, collection from the sender facility, negotiation and booking with the carrier airline or their appointed representative, processing of both the goods and documentation for export, delivery of goods and documentation into the airline or their appointed representative, confirming that the goods have flown with the airline as booked, arranging customs clearance and recovery of the goods at the destination airport through our global service partner offices, and arranging for final delivery to the receiver address in the destination country

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